Queer Eye/The Science Guy Premieres on Netflix

“Your atoms literally repel women,” says a bow-tied Bill Nye in the premiere of Queer Eye/The Science Guy, a new Netflix series that unites the science educator and host with the popular Queer Eye team.

He’s speaking, of course, to the schlub — in this case a young man named Ryan — who has turned to the Queer Eye hosts for help. This is typical for the new series. In a later episode a papier-mâché volcano is used by Nye to illustrate a young person’s dating life (“or lack thereof”, he says, with a wink).

Rumors that Netflix’s advanced artificial intelligence devised the series after reviewing data on viewers aren’t quite true, according to the streaming service.

“Actually, [the algorithm] suggested another season of Queer Eye, but Bill Nye showed up and refused to leave,” says Netflix CEO John Lunn. “We rolled with it. You don’t say nay to Nye.”

Filming the series wasn’t easy. There were reports of tension on the set. One source described a particularly troubling scene from the finale.

“Karamo was helping this young, single father process the death of his wife and Bill kept interrupting with facts about osmosis.”

The science guy, through a law guy, refused to comment.

Queer Eye/The Science Guy is reportedly the first of many crossover programming events for the streaming service. Others include Mindhunter But Baking and Stranger Fuller Things, a show where the characters of Fuller House are stalked and murdered by an alien from 1985.



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