Qanon Guy: Trump “Clearly Sending Messages” By Talking Words And Shit

If you look closely, it’s all there.

Sure, the insurrection at the Qapitol didn’t happen the way we thought it would. But, as Q has told us time and again: thoughts aren’t things you think, thoughts are things you know.

And I know one thing for sure: President Trump, in his newest video, is sending us a message. How is he doing this? Well, after close observation and running the video through our Qodebreakers Algorithm™ (my cousins) I feel like I can safely say he is doing so via words that come out of his mouth and travel through the air.

Think “sound waves”. Google it if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about.

I know this is shocking, and Fake News certainly isn’t covering the enormity of the find. Stay with me, and I’ll reveal the entirety of the message.

Q’s final drop before the Qapitol Qinvasion was Quite Qlear.

“When trump [sic] talks, words mean words. consider he has mouth. what does that imply. google; talking”

It’s clear that Q wants us to know something about our dear President’s mouth. A rough search of forbidden esoteric texts will indicate that most people use their mouths primarily to talk. Trump (though probably immortal after receiving JFK Jr.’s alien DNA back in March), does the same.

Is it possible Q wants us to listen?

Then, a few days after the Storming of the Capitol, the White House releases a video. What a coincidence! Videos, of course, are famous for including moving pictures as well as audio. This is key to understanding the message.

I won’t quote it here, but suffice to say if you pause the video at almost any moment, Trump appears to be moving his mouth. Further, if you turn the volume up you can hear words. What are they? What do they mean?

Consider: Trump never does anything without a purpose. When he’s saying words…what if that’s a message?

Did I blow your mind?

Welcome to the truth.

Where we go all, all of us go, and since all of us go…there we all are.



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