Outgoing Manager Won’t Guarantee Peaceful Transition of Power, Keys

“And don’t even text me about the wifi after Saturday. I’m done.”

(PHILADELPHIA, Pennslyvania) Outgoing coffee shop manager Steph reportedly refused today to agree to a peaceful transfer of power should “they try to replace her with Molly who’s only been there for like three months”.

“If Greg [Barcroft, the owner of La Venti Coffee] makes her the manager, I swear to god I’m throwing away the whole blue binder,” she says.

Sources say the binder in question includes proprietary recipes, the employee handbook and the new new WiFi passwords that the other Stephanie set up before she got fired.

Some employees are concerned about what such a transition of power could entail.

“If she throws out the binder,” says Sam, 21, who has worked at the shop for nine months, “it’s very possible there will be some chaos, especially because Nat is opening Thursday.”

Binder aside, there are concerns that the outgoing manager could refuse to train her replacement or even actively sabotage the transition by “losing” the one set of keys that actually work on the new locks.

“If Steph gets rid of her keys….I don’t think Greg is even considering how that is going to effect us this weekend,” says a source given anonymity to discuss internal transition procedure. “Sam can’t open [the shop] Saturday because he’s usually high and always fucks up the drawer and we get slammed early. Molly could probably open but she doesn’t have a key. It’s like a fucking math problem.”

Dr. Laurence Willerby of The University of San Antonio, a scholar of managerial transition, says such an undisciplined transition effort could be corrosive to the shop as a whole. “Look, when the other Stephanie got fired, she at least left her keys. And her predecessor, way back in 2019, apparently left a whole laminated thing back in the office.”

He sighs. “Not that anyone read it.”