Local White Ally Technically More Of An Anti-Hero

Local white ally Matthew Bart is technically more of an anti-hero, literary sources say, as he lacks traditional heroic qualities such as idealism, courage and morality. The 30-year old attends marches and engages in electoralism, actions which can appear (to the untrained eye) traditionally heroic but when examined, reflect at best a selfish regard for aesthetic and social credit.

Matthew seen talking about himself.

“Anti-heroes are morally ambiguous, generally somewhat hot or at least smoldering, particularly Scorpios who do comedy for free in bars and publish precious little satires on blogs, and their motives aren’t always clear,” says professor Suzanne Green of the University of Michigan. “They appear at the pivotal moment, such as a once-in-a-generation Black Lives Matter march, which is basically a moral layup at this point, then disappear into the ether, leaving the true heroes to do the grinding work of daily organizing, education and action.”

White allies such as Bart generally fall into this category. Marked by ennui, angst and alienation such people, while doing “good” things, cannot be truly counted on to carry the moral arc of the story to a conclusion.

As of press time Bart was staring into the sunset, thinking about his Instagram account.



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