Mystery woman “adjusting well” to new family, surroundings.

Photo by Teona Swift from Pexels

Family authorities today announced the end of a search and rescue operation aimed at locating Mom, who was last seen entering the other Target near the mall.

“We’re confident that Kathy will return,” says family spokesman Uncle Gregg, who further indicated that…

“Someone had to say something. It’s disgusting.”

The whistleblower (top), alleged whistleblower (bottom). /// Photo cottonbro //Pexels

An anonymous whistleblower has come forward with an explosive claim that a previous whistleblower, also anonymous, did not properly clean the whistle after blowing it.

“When the previous whistleblower, whoever it was, blew the whistle, they should have known to clean it immediately…

Max Barth

comedian, writer (Reductress, Slackjaw, Points In Case), Libra moon, all my stuff >>

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